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we should get coffee sometime

...we could go dutch

girl friday
5 August
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"I think I had that same kind of fantasy that everybody does, that I'm gonna be in school and - um - they’re gonna come down and tell me how absolutely brilliant I am and how the government needs people like me and then I'm going to be taken away in a helicopter and go through some sort of crazy, y'know, training schedule where I'd work with really, really hot men for - like - months at a time and I end up like a ninja warrior and wear great clothes. So that was my fantasy. Um...but I don't think that had a lot to do with reality. But I liked it anyway."

- Elizabeth Mitchell

DHARMA 70's. Fringe Division. Hufflepuff. Human Being. Pawnee Proud.

the leslie to my ann * the pess to my osal * the elphie to my galinda

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