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BAMF Approved. By invitation only.

Intro post is here. (Probably needs to be updated. Oh well.)

AIM: c0nfidencegirl
email: andibeth82 [at] gmail [dot] com
twitter: andibeth82 [locked, but if I know who you are, I will add you]
AO3: andibeth82
Tumblr: isjustprogress
Facebook: andibeth82

(other forms of messenger: if you use one, let me know what you specifically use if you want to talk and I will add you on there.)

In a nutshell: marvel/comics, broadway shows, television (lots of it), movies, fantasy/science fiction, photography, new york city, nerdy-geeky things, coffee, bailey's irish coffee & whipped cream vodka, travel, writing, accents, otps with compromised pasts, BAMF women, LOST, Lord of the Rings. I like my television couples angsty with a side of unresolved sexual tension and I tend to favor blonde and red haired FBI agents who also happen to be medical doctors.

My coffee intake is probably more than what is normal and somehow I'm okay with that.

Please leave a comment if you would like to be friended (if I knew you from my previous livejournal and we have been friends for awhile, or if we have common friends and interests, I will most likely add you.)
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