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MASTER LIST: Fic Works In Progress

I usually re-do my WIP docket every few months or so, and it’s usually either a quick bulleted list on LJ or (more frequently) a Tumblr list of what happens to be the most pressing things I’m splitting my time between. Normally, it sits on my computer as a color-coded spreadsheet, though I tend to be lax in updating it, especially when I manage to churn out fic quick enough. But in the interest of being encouraged by geckoholic and scribble_myname, I’m making this a little more official, and decided to put together a true list of fics that are WIPs. I’m going to sticky this at the top of my LJ so it’s always there for anyone to see, and I’ll update it routinely with whatever community/exchange things I end up working on, or when I need to take something off because it’s been completed.

And this isn’t my entire WIP list, because a screenshot of that folder on my computer would make the Internet melt. Seriously. (You don’t even want to know how many LOST fics I have that I still need to finish…) But these are the things I’m actively working on from time to time, including exchanges/bangs and the like. Most (if not all) are untitled because I tend not to title search until a fic is almost or entirely done.

Current Stories In Progress:

  • Big Damn TeamFic (Natasha/Clint, Natasha/Steve, Clint/Bobbi, Natasha, Clint, Steve, Bobbi, Sam) – post Winter Soldier, Natasha and Clint dealing with their issues and everyone basically coming together to help. COMPLETED.

  • 1920’s AU (Clint/Natasha, Natasha, Clint, Barney) – self-explanatory. Clint as a fledging con artist with his brother, Natasha as the greatest con artist the world has ever seen.

  • Bobbi/Clint/Nat -- early years, Bobbi is recruited back to SHIELD after divorcing Clint because Hill and Fury want her to train his new partner.

  • Clint/Natasha Kink Porn/Angst -- sex and's the same thing, really. (Or, how Clint deals with the aftermath of Loki)

  • Clint/Natasha Kid AU -- they find comfort in the worst of themselves.

  • Hunger Games/Avengers Crossver -- goddammit this has been in the works for over 2 years now and I have an entire outline and need to finish it. Will be mutli-chapter for sure.

  • 5 Moments Between Clint and Natasha without hearing aids -- gift!fic I owe Carrie and Heather.

  • Clint/Natasha Roadtrip -- crack-like Midwest roadtrip with a dash of angst, early years, slice of life.

  • Carol/Jess dystopian detective AU -- may end up being my bang piece...may not. Depends on Ultron.

  • Steampunk Pirate AU (Clint/Natasha) -- Natasha is a pirate out for blood and Clint is a sailor she's been sent to kill, but it doesn't work out that way.

  • World War II Ladies AU (Peggy/Natasha, Clint/Natasha) -- Peggy and Natasha are WWII lady pilots and partners.

  • To Russia, With Love (Clint/Natasha) -- letters over the years and through missions (aka expository fic).

  • AoS Wall of Honor (Steve, Bucky, Howard, Peggy, Howling Commandos) -- "put him on the wall" aka how Bucky's name ended up on the SHIELD memorial wall, as told by different POVs throughout history.

  • Pepper/Tony Early PA Years -- stories from Pepper's first few years as Tony's assistant.

  • Pepper/Tony post IM3 -- Tony deals with his PTSD. Fic I need to finish that's been in the works since post IM3.

  • Kate Bishop's Rules (Clint, Natasha, Kate, America, probably other random 616 people TBD) -- the rules of living with an Avenger (yes, there are rules.)

  • Clint/Natasha Reincarnation AU -- Clint dies on a mission and Natasha goes off the rails, reverting back to her assassin days. He's reincarnated into the soul of a little boy who is part of a family that Natasha is sent to kill.

  • Nikita Crossover -- Natasha is on a mission to take down the last of the Red Room operatives while the Division funding that Nikita and Alex are folllowing leads to the same people. They meet up, and bond over their pasts.

  • Clint/Natasha Country AU -- Broke, abused and alone, Natalia Romanova sees no way out. Desperate for escape, she tries to run and gets picked up by someone named Clint Barton, who owns a farm with a hidden past. Bonding over a life of secrets and lies, they help save each other.

  • Stories For Exchanges/Bangs:

    • Beyond Panels

    • Marvel Big Bang

    • Be-Compromised Prompathon

    • Yuletide

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