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Dear Yuletide! :)

Hello, dear yuletide writer! I'm sorry this letter is a bit late, but I'm super happy you're writing for me this year! (No, really. I am. This is the one chance I have to write about fandoms I don't get to indulge in often, and get those things in return, so I will be happy with WHATEVER you make me, I promise!) Feel free to check out my own AO3 page (andibeth82) or my Tumblr (isjustprogress) to get a feel for what I like or what I've written for Yuletide/gotten in the past, and what ships/characters/things I like, if you so desire.

I'm very into characterization. I like details and good dialogue. I love when a fic gets down and dirty into a character's mind and shows me what they're thinking, not just what they're doing. I like a good story. If you're worried that you're being overly detailed or too intense...chances are, you're probably not, so don't fret! This isn't a drabble, so surprise me with your feels for whatever fandom you write about!

Here are a few of my favorite things/tropes: AUs of any kind, mission fics, slice of life scenarios, banter, dystopia, snark, developing relationships, hurt/comfort, POV shifts, forgotten mistaken identities, daddy issues, characters with dark pasts who are damaged but love deeply and have trust issues, people saving people, found family, team dynamics, sibling relationships, Bechdel test passing, people saving people, angst (I'm very big into angst -- if you're worried something is too terrible/sad for me, chances are it's not). Did I mention I really, really love angst. A lot. I'm not saying you have to like, kill someone to make me happy, but angst and hurt/comfort is like my OT3. I do like fluff and established relationship things, but only if they fit the story/characters. I'm good with femslash and poly relationship stuff as well.

In terms of more sophisticated stuff, I like BDSM, kink and porn, though I prefer my porn but WITH plot.

Dislikes: mpreg, a/b/o, non-con, M/M, PWP


Stranger Things
Jonathan Byers, Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington, Barb Holland

So, I'm SUPER into Nancy Wheeler -- she's my BAMF for life. So honestly, I'd be fine with a fic that explored her feelings and focused on her, but don't feel obligated to do that! I'm really open to anything for these characters, with the exception of love triangles. I don't mind if you write Nancy/Steve or Jonathan/Nancy or whatever, but I hate love triangles. I DO adore OT3s, however (hint, hint.) Or I'd love a fic of Nancy and Barb being kickass BFFs, or hell, a future!fic of what happens after everyone graduates. This show was one I fell in love with that I want to read ALL THE FIC FROM. Basically, feel free to go wild.

Black Widow (comics)
Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes, Liho, Clint Barton

Natasha is my bb girl, and I love anything where her life gets explored in more detail. I ship her with Clint pretty hard, but I also ship her with Bucky, especially given comic history. Also? I have a soft spot for Liho. Natasha and Liho are my favorites.

Luke Cage
Misty Knight, Luke Cage, Claire Temple

Uh, did someone say OT3? (Again, love triangles don't apply here, or anywhere. Don't like 'em.) Honestly, I'd just take a fic about Claire, or Claire and Misty being amazing friends and bonding after the events of the series. Or maybe something that explores all of their lives pre and post the series' events. I'd love to see all three of them working together and spending time together and just generally being awesome. (Crossovers welcome, too.)

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Patricia Walker

Jessica and Trish's friendship is my FAVORITE THING EVER. I love it so much. (Also, I'm totally up for femslash if that's a thing you wanna explore.) I love Jessica and Luke also, and I love their friendship and bonding.

Mockingbird (comics)
Bobbi Morse, Lance Hunter

Bobbi Morse is my darling scientist baby, but what I love about her is that she's strong and independent and doesn't need anyone to tell her what to do. I love her on-off again relationship with Hunter, and their snarky personalities. I'd love a mission fic, or a slice of life fic, or even just a fun twist on one of the events from the comics. Also, I'm a big fan of Bobbi/Clint, so crossovers or mentions welcome! :)

Claire Beauchamp, Brianna Randall Fraser Mackenzie, Jamie Fraser

Claire and Jamie, my loves. SHOW ME ALL THE WAYS THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. Or for Brianna, show me what she's going through and how she deals with her parents' circumstances. I love present!Claire but I also love past!Claire and Jamie and would be happy with anything surrounding thier relationship.
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