girl friday (findthesea) wrote,
girl friday

friend exchange letter!

Hello friend! Chances are I know you or at least have read your fic because this is a fun and small exchange. I am looking forward to seeing what you write me, and thank you for writing me something I know I will love!

I'm pretty open and easy to write for. Feel free to check out my AO3 or tumblr (isjustprogress) for either ships I write for or things I have read to get a sense of my tastes if you so desire.

I've listed my pairings and fandoms on the signup sheet, but here are a few of my favorite things/tropes: AUs of any kind, mission fics, slice of life scenarios, banter, dystopia, snark, developing relationships, hurt/comfort, POV shifts, forgotten mistaken identities, daddy issues, characters with dark pasts who are damaged but love deeply and have trust issues, people saving people, found family, team dynamics, sibling relationships, Bechdel test passing, people saving people, angst (I'm very big into angst -- if you're worried something is too terrible/sad for me, chances are it's not). Did I mention I really, really love angst? A lot. I'm not saying you have to like, kill someone to make me happy, but angst and hurt/comfort is like my OT3. Speaking of OT3, yes to all the poly relationships. BRING IT. Incest is fine in certain cases. I do like fluff and baby!fic and stablished relationship things, but only if they fit the story/characters. Also, YES to femslash. I love diversity, found family relationships (romantic stuff is great but platonic/mentoring BFF bonding stuff is also my jam.)

In terms of more sophisticated stuff, I like BDSM, kink and porn, though I prefer my porn but WITH plot.

Dislikes: mpreg, a/b/o, non-con, M/M, PWP. Another note: I ship Clintasha hard and fast forever BUT I am also a HUGE Laura Barton supporter and love the farm family and the AoU storyline. Poly is absolutely fine and I'm more than fine with AUs and AoU non-compliant fics (that river of denial!) but please please please no fics about killing off Laura, or Laura as Clint's sister/aunt/friend/etc or widowing Clint so Clint and Natasha can be together. 
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