girl friday (findthesea) wrote,
girl friday

Dear Festividder:

I apologize this letter is a little late! I know assignments have already been sent, but I do have a few thoughts and requests that hopefully will help you, so here you go! First of all, thank you for making a vid for me! Festivids is one of my favorite times of the year because I get to see vids for all small fandoms that I love so I guarantee I will love whatever you make me. I'm pretty easy to please!

I'm really pretty easygoing when it comes to requests and the like. I'm pretty open in terms of music, and I'm also pretty open as far as music goes. I have a decently varied taste, and one of the things I love about vidding is that there's a song for everything - whether it fits the source material, the theme, or whether it's a full-on crack!vid. I trust you to use your judgement! Also, imagery/lyrical interpretation makes me the happiest, as do ladies.

First of all, this seems like a super fun movie to vid because of all its action and time resets, and I think you could do a lot with parallels and relatonships. Rita Vrataski is everything and I just want all the things about her, although her relationship with Cage is up there with Things I Would Like A Lot If They Were Focused On. Basically, a Rita/Cage vid with parallels of their journey OR just a Rita vid kicking ass would be amazing.

I LOVE THESE GODDAMN MOVIES SO MUCH. GP is my favorite followed quickly by Rogue Nation, current franchise favorites include William Brandt, Ethan Hunt, Ilsa Faust, Jane Carter and Benji Dunn. If you're specifically trying to spotlight characters/relationships, I love Hunt and Brandt (BUT NOT SLASH DEAR GOD JUST DON'T MAKE ME A SLASH VID) and their friendship, I love Benji and Hunt (again with the no slash), I love all the amazing female ladies in this franchise! I also love all the action and team building, which is part of the reason why GP was my favorite. Anyway, seriously, any kind of vid that focused on how awesome this franchise is, I would love.

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I've been obsessed with it since it came out, I've always loved the Jack/Rose relationship obviously but I'd be really interested to see some of the more political stuff explored in a visual, vidding sense - like characters and class structures and all that. Make me a vid that encompasses everything awesome about those four days before the ship hit the iceberg and then what happened after. Make me something that elevates my love to a new level! (No pressure, though. Seriously. No pressure. I'd love to see this vidded in some way.)

I know people had mixed feelings about this movie but I adored it. It was honesly one of my favorite films of the year, for multiple reasons. Yes, I love love LOVE Scarlett Johansson but what she brought to the role by barely speaking was insane. This film was so visually interesting in the way it told a story that I'd love to see a video exploring the character in that same way.

HI I ADORE THIS SHOW. THIS SHOW IS MY GUILTY PLEASURE AND I DO NOT CARE. I love the crack!like relationships, the cases, the amazingness that is Jeremy Renner's endearing diner-owning cop. I'd love a vid focusing on Walsh and Kasey, as their relationship is one of my favorite things. I do like other relationships in the show, but I'd prefer something more Walsh focused at the very least because of where my character love lies. But if you just wanted to make a fun, all-encompassing vid about the show, that's great, too.

Oh, again with the movies I really love, however guilty that makes me. Please, please have fun with this if you decide to do it - from music choices to scenes to relationships, feel free to make it fun, or sweet, or amusing...I'll take anything. Also, naked Chris Evans is a plus, I'm just saying.

This is one of my favorite films because of the amazing ladies, CLEARLY. Sister relationships are my thing, but anything that focuses on the amazing Rockford Peaches and their impact on history would make me happy. It's a baseball movie about ladies playing baseball, bring that same nostalgia and fun and sweetness to the vid! 
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