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Dear Yuletide!

Hello, dear yuletide writer! I'm super happy you're writing for me this year! (No, really. I am. This is the one chance I have to write about fandoms I don't get to indulge in often, and get those things in return, so I will be happy with WHATEVER you make me, I promise!)

Feel free to check out my own AO3 page (andibeth82) or my Tumblr (isjustprogress) to get a feel for what I like or what I've written for Yuletide/gotten in the past, and what ships/characters/things I like, if you so desire.

I'm very into characterization. I like details and good dialogue. I love when a fic gets down and dirty into a character's mind and shows me what they're thinking, not just what they're doing. I like a good story. If you're worried that you're being overly detailed or too intense...chances are, you're probably not, so don't fret! This isn't a drabble, so surprise me with your feels for whatever fandom you write about!

Here are a few of my favorite things/tropes: AUs of any kind, mission fics, slice of life scenarios, banter, dystopia, snark, developing relationships, hurt/comfort, POV shifts, forgotten mistaken identities, daddy issues, characters with dark pasts who are damaged but love deeply and have trust issues, people saving people, found family, team dynamics, sibling relationships, Bechdel test passing, people saving people, angst (I'm very big into angst -- if you're worried something is too terrible/sad for me, chances are it's not). Did I mention I really, really love angst. A lot. I'm not saying you have to like, kill someone to make me happy, but angst and hurt/comfort is like my OT3. I do like fluff and established relationship things, but only if they fit the story/characters. I'm good with femslash and poly relationship stuff as well.

In terms of more sophisticated stuff, I like BDSM, kink and porn, though I prefer my porn but WITH plot.

Dislikes: mpreg, a/b/o, non-con, M/M, PWP


Aaron Cross, Marta Shearing

AARON CROSS AND MARTA SHEARING. Oh my god I love these two so much. Bourne Legacy is one of my favorite movies primarily because of their relationship and obviously, the end of the movie leaves a lot to be desired in terms of what happened between them/what they ended up doing/etc. Any kind of Aaron/Marta fic about their next adventures would be amazing, especially if you could focus on how the events in the movie affected them and their feelings for each other. Or a mission!fic of any kind. Or, hell, maybe they go off and have their own adventures!

Hansel, Gretel, Ben, Mina

Hansel and Gretel's relationship 0 if you know the films, I don't think I have to explain it. I mean, I'm not ASKING for incest, but their chemistry kind of writes itself, so do with that what you will. ;) Honestly, I'll be happy with anything that focuses on their relationship, especially if it's pre-movie, because I'd love to read about their life before we caught up with them in the film - what were they doing? What challenges did they face? Or if you want to explore what happened after the film, that's fine too. Hell, even a day in the life type thing? I JUST WANT ALL THE SIBLING LOVE. Obviously, Hansel and Gretel are my favorites, but hey, I would absolutely take any team!fic that includes Ben and Mina (including Ben's amazing infatuation with the siblings.)

William Brandt, Ilsa Faust, Jane Carter, Ethan Hunt

I will be upfront and clear on this: PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME ANY ETHAN/BRANDT SLASH. I love them as friends and teammates and will even take a whole fic about them on a mission together bantering and stuff but actual slash and relationship and attraction? Not into it, not here for it. That being said, their friendship is one of my most favorite things, especially their shared pasts, and that would be fun to see explored. Full disclosure, Brandt is my favorite, so if you do any kind of MI story I'd really appreciate or request you'd make him the main focus. ;) I came away from Rogue Nation specifically in love with Ilsa Faust and her story, and have kind of totally partnered her up with Brandt in my head romantically, though I'd be into seeing how her dynamics work with Ethan or anyone else on the team. And Jane, well, I've loved Jane since GP and there's NEVER enough about her. I guess what I'm saying is ALL THE TEAM FIC OR BACKGROUND FIC OR EVEN JUST A FOCUS ON ONE CHARACTER WOULD BE GREAT? I love this damn series a lot.

Bucky Bear

I don't think there was much choice for this in terms of characters, so, BUCKY BEAR. This is my favorite comic series and oh my god I just want all the things. I want to know something from Bucky Bear's perspective. I want a day in the life of Bucky Bear. Who were his previous owners? What does he think of the babies? GO WILD PLEASE SERIOUSLY JUST GO WILD. (For reference, favorite Marvel people include Black Widow, Hawkeye, Cap.)

Natasha Romanov, Tony Stark

Natasha and Tony are one of my favorite relationships, despite the fact they don't interact much one-on-one in films and all that. But I'd just generally really love a fic that explores their relationship and friendship -- snark, banter, mission!fic...anything! If you choose to do solo stories, in Tony's case, anything that deals with angst or daddy issues would be a plus. In Natasha's case, anything about her spy past. I'm also generally okay with whatever plot point you'd choose to focus on, so it can be an event that happened in canon time in the series or something completely made up that fits the confines of the story.
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