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Fandom Growth Exchange Letter

Hello, fic writer! Thank you for writing my story for me!

I'm pretty easygoing when it comes to fic -- basically, as long as you write me something with the characters I like in the world I like, I'll be happy. A little more detail:

I'm very into characterization -- I like details and good dialogue. I love when a fic gets down and dirty into a character's mind and shows me what they're thinking, not just what they're doing. No max on ratings so go wild, my only constraint is that if there is porn, I do not want PWP.

Here are a few of my favorite things: AUs of any kind, mission fics, slice of life scenarios, banter, dystopia, snark, developing relationships, hurt/comfort, POV shifts, forgotten mistaken identities, daddy issues, characters with dark pasts who are damaged but love deeply and have trust issues, people saving people, found family, team dynamics, angst (I'm very big into angst -- if you're worried something is too terrible/sad for me, chances are it's not), BDSM, kink, porn (but WITH plot). Crossovers with other Marvel-type characters are also fine, if that's where you choose to go. I ship anything I list romantically as well as platonically, unless otherwise stated.

General turn-offs: mpreg, M/M (F/F and M/M/F is okay), PWP (not really a fan of shameless explicit porn without anything behind it), exceedingly fluffy fics (I'm okay with family/fluff/fun pieces and established relationships but nothing overly G rated, please), A/B/O, non-con

Hawkeye (Comics)
Barney Barton/Kate Bishop/Clint Barton, Barney Barton & Kate Bishop & Clint Barton, Clint Barton & Kate Bishop & Natasha Romanoff, Barney Barton & Kate Bishop

Ahhhh my Special Hell ship, as I call it. This is probably one of my only exceptions to M/M and incest type slash, but whatever. As you can see from my requests, I basically ship and love every incarnation of the pairings and characters in this comic. Therefore, you could literally write me ANYTHING and I would be happy, but I will say this: for as much as I love Clint and Kate, I ADORE the relationship between Clint and Barney and sadface every day at the fact that there are like, three pages of Barney fic on AO3.

I love how all of these relationships intersect with each other, what Barney and Kate and Natasha mean for Clint and the place they fill in Clint's life. For any Barton fic, I love anything relating to his backstory/circus days and anything before the current time period, that stuff is all gold to me so if you worked it in, even in flashbacks, I'd love it.

Secret Avengers
Jessica Drew/Natasha Romanoff

I NEED MISSION!FIC OF THESE TWO STAT. Okay, that's a little greedy. I mean, these two were getting manicures and massages, so they're clearly BFF. Any kind of AU or slice of life would be wonderful for these two. Or maybe some Secret Avengers assignment? How did they meet? Why are they so close? Plus, I'm not saying they totally can talk shit about ex-boyfriends or current boyfriends whose name begins with C, buuuut....

Laura Barton/Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson/Sharon Carter

I am so, SO into Laura and Natasha. How does their relationship work? When did they meet? While Clint was still trying to figure out his family and how it fit into SHIELD? Who fell for who first? I WANT ALL THE THINGS. PARTICULARY ALL THE FARM THINGS. I love these two ladies individually and the love they have for the people they take care of. And hey, bonus points if you don't erase Clint (not saying I need a threesome, but, I do not really like erasure of any kind when it comes to my favs.)

Sam and Sharon are so interesting to me because they're a rare pairing but they're both military and come from the same backgrounds and have the same sense of humor and just seem like they would go together SO WELL and I want all the fic. I was recently gifted a wonderful, beautiful Sam/Sharon fic in another exchange (you can find it on my gifts page) if you'd like to take a page of what I like.

Marvel 616
Yelena Belova/Natasha Romanoff, Jessica Drew/Clint Barton, Jessica Drew/Natasha Romanoff

I'm continually intrigued by the relationship between Yelena and Nat, which is hardly ever explored unless it's super long and involved Red Room fic. Natasha Romanov is my baby girl, the most important thing in my life and I adore her. Thinking of her early years in the Red Room, her friends and her history and her survival, is one of the things that gives me the most feelings. And of course, Yelena was a huge part of that. A post Red Room fic about them finding each other and reconnecting? A fic about them coming together while training and learning how to trust one another? I will take anything you throw at me.

As for Clint and Jess, well...the best relationships never last, right? I really love the fact that they dated once upon a time and would love a look into that world. What was it like? Or, did it work out after all and are they ass kicking awesome assassins?

Mission: Impossible
William Brandt/Jane Carter

I'm obsessed with both of these characters and the fact that there really isn't a lot out there in terms of their histories/backstories/relationships. So I'd love to see ANY of that explored, whether it's pre-IMF, post Ghost Protocol, even in between GP and RN. Really, the sky's the limit here, because there's so few fics that are even about them. I'd imagine they both have secrets and terrors and achievements in their past that would come back around, and I'd love to see a little of that.
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