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New Vid: Warrior (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 8.37.58 PM
Song: Warrior
Artist: Ke$ha
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe (all encompassing films up to Winter Soldier, including Agents of SHIELD)
Download: here
Streaming: embedded I vimeo I tumblr

Made for Vividcon's Club Vivid 2014.

Summary: We're the ones who flirt with disaster. (Ladies! Celebrate all the ladies!)

Notes: Man oh man, was this fun to make - despite the fact making it come together was harder and more frustrating than I initially anticipated.

I had this vid in my head as something I wanted to do ever since I got super obsessively into Marvel last year. As much as I have my favorite superhero boys, most of you know that it's the ladies where a bulk of my love truly lies - and where else could I premiere an awesome video that focused on the beautiful, kick-ass (and sometimes under-appreciated) ladies of the MCU but CVV?

I wanted this to be primarily ladies-focused and because of that, started out with a bit of a narrow vision that kept running me into roadblocks. Once I decided to drop that and start having fun, however, my timeline came together a lot more easily. I hope that I've done justice to these wonderful characters - their relationships, hopes, dreams, and general bad-assery as it exists in this universe.

Endless thanks to hollywoodgrrl for beta and for helping me find a groove - to bobsessive for being my partner in everything creative and watching ten thousand drafts of this for at least a year and assuring me it didn't suck too much - to anoel and kiki_miserychic for cheerleading over twitter when I was convinced there was no way I would meet deadlines - and unintentional thanks to bradcpu, whose amazing "Ride to California" vid was a huge source of inspiration in trying to make all these films work as a compilation.

(pw: revolution)

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