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Song: Moves Like Jagger
Artist: Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera & Mac Miller
Fandom: The Bourne Legacy
Download: here

tumblr link

Summary: Jason Bourne was just the tip of the iceberg.

Notes: If you were to call this vid slightly'd be right. Okay, I'm kidding. OR AM I? I mean, some of these shots were basically me having fun and I was perfectly fine spending a lot of time editing/clipping Renner's face. Whatever, because I love this little film and its protagonist and I won't lie about that. It's just a good action movie with a good story and good character moments, and after watching it enough times over and over again (because I have no chill, clearly) I started thinking about how I could do a vid for it. I initially intended to make this for Club Vivid given that the song I chose is more fast paced, but due to technological issues that didn't, (non-attending) premieres it is!

Thanks to hollywoodgrrl for beta, and also for not rolling her eyes too much at the subject matter, ha. Additional thanks to the usual suspects (bobsessive, anoel, kiki_miserychic, geckoholic) who listened to me whine and watched any cut of this along the way and offered support. And thanks to the wonderful VVC support team (looking at you, Jen!) who worked with me despite all my uploading problems and let me submit this way after deadline so that I could make it into the show.

(pw: manila)

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